Resources for Journalists

From this page, you can access resources that FIRE offers to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your community reporting. While you are here, you can:

  • Register your media organization for our online archive at no charge. By posting the text of your news reports or local features to the archive, you can easily search for current and past information using a keyword search. You can limit your search to your own organization's files, or you can also see what has been posted by other media organizations. Your organization's text results link back to your own Web site, and a media profile you create educates FIRE visitors about your organization.

  • Sign up for FIRE's Computer-Assisted Research and Reporting (CARR) seminars. You'll learn how to use computers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your newsroom. Find out about the most useful Web sites for journalists, and learn how computers can help you access information available under the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Visit Evan's Links page, which is updated regularly. It will give you a taste of what you'll learn at the seminars. Our resident expert has compiled a wealth of links especially for journalists in the southern Appalachian region.

  • Get a personalized e-mail address at no charge. Tired of having your e-mail address change? Sick of being known to your interview subjects as Sign up for a permanent new address that lets people know right away that you are a journalist.

Because FIRE is a non-profit organization, these services are available to you at little or no charge if you reside in our region.

Thanks for visiting, and please contact us with any questions or suggestions for improving this site.


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