FIRE Seminar on Computer-Assisted Research and Reporting

The following links are among those used in FIRE's Computer-Assisted Research and Reporting workshop. We hope you will find them useful. If any of the links below do not work and need to be updated, please e-mail us.

Home Pages/Portals
Search Engines/Index
Reporting Aids
Adding Color and Interest to Stories
Priceless Price Pages � Invisible Web
Mail Groups/News Groups
Newsletters About Research News

A Little Extra for Eager Beavers

Home Pages/Portals -- Excellent Home Page. -- An excellent home page for journalists.

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Search Engines/Index -- Judged by CAR reporters as the best of all general search engines. Simple, fast and excellent on general subjects. � Advanced searching. -- Google news headlines. -- Google news page to other news outlets. -- A �tell all� web site about search engines.

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Reporting Aids

/ -- This site's home page. Features Morgue/Archives; Gen. Information; Internet links; e-mail. -- Good example of PDF file, Acrobat. Word and other formats to follow soon. -- Example of great documentation, citation, attribution. Using PDF files for documentation. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader. -- Excellent training material, tips and help specifically for journalists. A ton of useful information for reporters and editors. -- The Elements of Style by Strunk and White � the standard. To order the AP Style book: -- Investigative Reporters and Editors newsletter on story possibilities and ideas for computer-assisted reporting. -- Columbia Journalism Review; good to read, lots of tips. Go to Resource Guides. -- Ideas and links for investigative reporting � one reporter to another.

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Adding Color and Interest to Stories A great history site for quick information about a given era, such as the 1950s. Inflation calculator is indispensable. Also � A cost of living calculator back to 1665. See source note. -- Cost of living calculator. -- Historic timeline. -- Extensive list/links of encyclopedias available on the Web. Note source. -- All sorts of very useful dictionaries; language, special, medical etc. -- The famous Gray Lady (New York Times) in Cybergarb. Pay-for archives are excellent. Use �north carolina� AND pollution for examples. Also  

Lexis-Nexis discussion -- Special pricing. -- This is home of PowerMarks. I use PowerMarks instead of Favorites for bookmarks. Download it and install it on your home computer. Learn how to use it. Read all help files on the Web before you download and on PowerMarks the program after you install it. Nothing yet on Macs. -- A University of Maryland site which does deep analysis of Census figures. -- Translator � go to: (Moniskop) -- Official CIA factbook. Great maps of countries. -- How stuff works. Great site. See �nuclear power plants� or �pulley.� .-- Full of information about all states. Great links. -- An excellent source for basic information on religions. � Excellent statistics on lots of subjects. -- Historical information on Senators and Reps, dead and alive. -- A great source of specific information.

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Priceless Price Pages � Invisible Web Search is a growing compilation of links to the search interfaces of resources that contain data not easily or entirely searchable/accessible from general search tools like Alta Vista, Google, and Infoseek. While general search tools are essential for retrieval of Internet materials many users do not realize that large amounts of information are not easily searchable via these tools. of lists. -- Small, hard to find handbooks and fact books. --This webpage was created to compile links to the many Congressional Research (CRS) reports that are accessible via the WWW. . -- Links to books and entertainment. -- Everything to do with newspapers, news centers, news in general. --Searchable Bibliographies & Major Library Catalogs Archives and Major Library Catalogs; Business/Economics Government, Humanities, Librarian Interests, Meta Collections of Subject; Bibliographies, Science/Engineering, Social Studies. -- A large collection of links to translated speeches and soundtracks from sound-based media. --Links to State and City resources. -- A page of links to the hidden web plus help on searching in general. -- NCLive available through or at all NC libraries. Must know password.

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Mail Groups/News Groups Best place to search for a mailing list (listserv) appealing to your interests. -- Excellent mail list group where you can start your own mail list. -- Link to Newsgroups on UseNet. Used to be called D�j� vu.


CARR-L is a list for computer-assisted research and reporting was set up to provide an electronic place where both working journalists and journalism educators can "meet" and discuss resources on the Internet.

How does somebody subscribe to the list?

Send the one line in body of message

SUBscribe CARR-L

To [email protected]

using your-real-name, not a computer ID.

NICAR-L is a list used by members and non-members of Investigative Reporters & Editors to exchange resource information. To Subscribe send email to

[email protected]

with the following request in body of message:

subscribe NICAR-L Your-Name -- Typical letter you MUST save and follow.

GOV-L is a list for reporters covering local government agencies. Go to web page

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Newsletters About Research News -- Genie Tyburski�s Virtual Chase site. -- Gene Sherman (Invisible Web) newsletter. -- Basically legal, but very good. -- Gary Price�s Blog of new Internet databases.

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Government/Congress -- The best comprehensive government search link.,10 � The best place for federal legislative information. -- Listing from LSU of every U.S. Agency or Office in the U.S. -- Bureau of Economic Analysis � basis for good economic stories even locally. United State Supreme Court. Excellent site. Provided by Supreme Court. -- Another top site for Supreme Court and Circuit Court decisions. Probably the best. -- One that I use often. -- Biographical information, plus more, on all federal judges. � A census page on county economic climate for all counties is the U.S. City of Asheville page. Etc. -- Quick information about your city or county or one nearby. -- Good �learning� area.

E-mail: [email protected]

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A Little Extra for Eager Beavers, added 3-25-02: -- Lists dead or alive politicians. -- Good librarian Mary Lane lists new stuff she finds on the net. A popular site for CARR newspeople. � GAO is not listed in some government links. It is an independent agency. -- There are a lot of hoaxes floating around the Internet. This is a good page to use or to recommend for readers. -- Another �follow the money� on campaign finance. Hot story this year come election time. -- Here is the 2003 Federal Budget, in its entirety as submitted by Pres. Bush. -- National vital statistics; births, deaths, fertility, life expectancy, marriage, divorce, abortion. From National Center for Health (NCH). � A lot of different calculators for comparing cities, crime, schools, salaries, etc.

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  Evan Mahaney, who helped compile these links, can be reached at [email protected].




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