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Asheville resident Adam Baylus is helping his fellow registered voters to choose a new Mayor and new City Council members. For ten weeks, he is publishing The Candidates' Forum. Area organizations are helping with this effort, including Fund for Investigative Reporting and Editing (FIRE) and Mountain Area Information Network (MAIN) (you may wish to participate in The Candidates' Forum online discussion hosted by MAIN). You can also e-mail Adam Baylus with a question you want to ask the candidates. The Forum is simply a weekly compilation of statements by all (or nearly all) of the candidates. These statements are presented unedited and uncensored--the candidates' only limitation is to keep to 300 words or less.

FIRE is posting this site for The Candidates' Forum as a public service to voters. FIRE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing public dialogue and access to information about important community issues. If you like, you can use the links at the left side of the page to learn more about FIRE and its online community media archive (search box at the top of the page). FIRE does not publish The Candidates' Forum, so please contact Adam Baylus if you have any questions about content, delivery, advertising, etc., or if you have any feedback or questions which are not related to this Web site.

FIRE does not endorse any of the candidates. The content does not necessarily represent the views of FIRE.

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Mayoral Candidates, Week 10
City Council Candidates, Week 10

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