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By completing the form below, you will receive a permanent "" address that will stay the same even if you change Internet Service Providers. The new address will also help identify your profession and give a little prestige to your address. For instance, the Fund for Investigative Reporting address is: Your e-mail address would be something like: .

Here is how it works. Once you have submitted the form and it is approved by FIRE (this usually takes 1-5 days), you will be notified. After that, any mail sent to your "" address will immediately be forwarded to your current Internet Service Provider (this is all handled by computers, of course—no one at FIRE sees your mail). The forwarding process takes only a few nanoseconds.

Should you change your Internet Service Provider, merely notify the FIRE offices of your change and we will re-direct all "" mail to your new provider. No one will know you are using a different provider. You need to notify only FIRE, not your whole mailing list, about a change of e-mail address.

This service is free so long as you are a journalist working in FIRE’s region. If you move or change professions, we will look at your situation on a case-by-case basis.

To obtain your new address, fill in the self-explanatory form below. Your current e-mail address is where your new "" mail will be forwarded to.


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